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The Euromeeting 2015 will be organised by the Round Table 117. Check our invite:

Event Schedule

This program is provisional, come back later for more information!

Day 1 10 Hours
  • 02:00 PM - Registration and Welcome Drinks

    Arrival at address : Meerkollaan15, 5613 BS Eindhoven

  • 05:00 PM - Home parties

    To guest homes and dinner parties

  • 10:00 PM - Party party

    Night out in Eindhoven @stratumseind

  • 12:00 AM - Go home or get drunk
Day 2 10 Hours
  • 10:00 AM - Chairmen’s meeting

    Traditional meeting where the chairmen can give a presentation about their table, for the partners we will organize a great program.

  • 01:00 AM - Activity


  • 02:00 PM - Afternoon program

    We are working on something great.

  • 05:00 PM - Fresh up

    Fresh up and get into your tuxedo at your guest homes.

  • 07:00 PM - Galadiner

    Gala dinner & after party (dress code = black tie and full dress).

Day 3 5 Hours
  • 10:00 AM - Farewel Brunch

    With singing of traditional songs so please prepare this for your table farewell.

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We are proud to welcome you again at the most memorable event of the annual Round Table calendar! The organising commitee has been active for almost 2 years now and preparations are finalized. The entire Dutch Round Table 117 (and many former members) are looking forward to welcome you!
During the previous “Dutch” Euromeetings we have received many Tablers (and partners) and we consider ourselves fortunate with the great attendance. Traditionally we invite you at our homes and it will give us pride the organize a “gezellige” Dutch euro meeting.

Of course we wonder how many of our friends we can expect this edition. So, our kind request is to notify us as soon as possible !
We already know many former Dutch tabler are attending. Also reservations were received from Sweden, Germany and Finland . The South African delegation is preparing, but can’t tell the exact number of guests yet, also we received word that India and France currently are considering to attend.

We love to know your plans!

—Beste Oud tafelaars —

We zijn er trots op dat we jullie weer mogen ontvangen op dit hoogtepunt van de tafelagenda! Het organiserede comitee is al weer bijna 2 jaar in touw en de voorbereiding verlopen soepel. De hele Nederlandse tafelronde ziet uit naar de komst van oud Tafelaars!

Wij hebben in het verleden al vele Tafelaars en partners mogen ontvangen en prijzen onszelf gelukkig met de geweldige opkomst. Traditiegetrouw wordt de Nederlandse euromeeting goed bezocht en ook nu zijn we benieuwd hoeveel van onze vrienden we deze editie mogen ontvangen. We verzoeken dan ook om ons zo spoedig mogelijk op de hoogte te brengen van jullie plannen!

Inmiddels hebben we enkele toezeggingen van oud tafelaars ontvangen…

We horen het graag!

  • RT117 Sweden - Chairman
  • RT117 La Rochelle - Chairman
  • RT117 Finland - Chairman
  • RT117 South Africa - Chairman
  • RT117 Germany - Chairman
  • RT117 India - Chairman

Highlights of the Euromeeting 2015

We’ve got you a great program

Get yourself ready to have a great program! Hereby some highlights, comeback later for more information of the program and pre-tours.


Bavaria is one of the largest beer breweries in The Netherlands, and has a great way of marketing their products.

Get some beer

Bavaria beer


Stratumseind is the street with the most pubs in The Netherlands.


Some pubs


Well you’re visiting the smartest region of the world, so lets visit the High Tech Campus for a beer between smart asses?

Smartest region of the world

HTC Eindhoven


What about Eindhoven

Eindhoven (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈEi̯nt.ˌHoː.Ven] is a municipality and a city located in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, originally at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender streams. The Gender was dammed short of the city centre in the 1950’s but the Dommel still runs through the city. The city had a population of 221,402 in 2014, making it the fifth-largest city of the Netherlands and the largest of North Brabant.

The metropolitan area consists of 419,045 inhabitants. Also, Eindhoven is part of Brabant Stad, a combined metropolitan area with more than 2 million inhabitants. In 2011, Eindhoven was named world’s most intelligent community by Intelligent Community Forum.

The name Eindhoven derives from the contraction of the regional words eind (meaning last or end) and hove (or hoeve; a section of some 14 hectares of land). “Eind” is toponymically a common prefix and postfix in local place- and streetnames. A “hove” was a parcel of land that might be given in leasehold to private persons such as farmers by the local lord. Taken in conjunction with the fact that a string of such parcels existed around Woensel, the original location of Eindhoven may be understood to be the “last hove on the land of Woensel”.

The spoken language is a combination of Kempenlands (a Dutch dialect spoken in a large area east and south east of the city, including Arendonk and Lommel in Belgium) and North Meierijs (between the south of Den Bosch and into Eindhoven). Both dialects belong to the East Brabantian dialect group), which is very similar to colloquial Dutch).

Of all Eindhoven districts, the historical centre is by far the smallest in size and population, numbering only 5,419 in 2006. Woensel-Noord is the largest, having been the city’s main area of expansion for several decades.

Population figures for all districts, as of 1 January 2008, ranked by size:[13]

  • Woensel-Noord (65,429)
  • Woensel-Zuid (35,789)
  • Stratum (31,778)
  • Gestel (26,590)
  • Strijp (25,402)
  • Tongelre (19,680)
  • Centrum (5,757)

There is a night club called Club Massa and another called After Dark (which is really a strip club).

(C) Wikipedia /


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